Origin of Spaghetti

The Origin of Spaghetti: A Twisted Tale of Culinary History

When you think of spaghetti, what's the first image that comes to your mind? For most, it's a steaming plate of long, thin pasta strands coated in a rich, tomato-based sauce and possibly topped with generous amounts of grated Parmesan cheese. But have you ever wondered about the origin of this universally loved dish?

Palm Springs Life Celebrates Women Who Lead: 2022

Palm Springs Life Celebrates Women Who Lead: 2022

Through the Women Who Lead Awards, Palm Springs Life annually identifies and celebrates role models in the community who embody the “I Am Woman” feminist anthem - those in the community who make a daily, meaningful impact on the people they serve.

Aaron Hansen

From Deja Vu to the Desert - Interview with Local Muralist Aaron Hansen

Aaron Hansen is a multidisciplinary artist and muralist who has been making waves in the Coachella Valley for quite some time. Using graffiti-esque techniques, his large-scale work is inspired by the natural landscape of the desert, deja vu, and the journey of the self to another dimension. 

High Pie

Say HELLO to HIGH-pie Located Inside The Top Gun House in Oceanside, CA

Who doesn’t love a delicious, made-to-order, fresh out of the oven mini pie a la mode? No one! That’s who! Say hello to the newest member of the F10 Family and Tara Lazar’s latest venture - HIGH-Pie, a dessert-focused eatery located in Oceanside California inside the famous Top Gun House (more on that later!)